Hantek HSA2016A - Analyseur de spectre 1.6GHZ

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Gamme de fréquence: 9KHz ~ 1.6GHz ;
Sensibilité optimale: -161dBm ;
RBW: 10 Hz à 1 MHz.
Design portable haute protection, robuste et durable.
Peut être utilisé en laboratoire, plus adapté pour une utilisation mobile sur le terrain.
Batterie au lithium de grande capacité, peut fonctionner pendant plus de 4 heures. 18650 batterie rechargeable.
Communication USB / LAN, facile pour le contrôle à longue distance.
Écran couleur de 5,6 pouces, résolution 640 * 480, affichage de la forme d'onde clairement.

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Hantek HSA2016A Analyseur de spectre

  • Frequency range: 9KHz-1.6GHz (tunable to 9KHz) AC Coupled
  • Optimal sensitivity: -161dBm RBW:10Hz to 1MHz
  • IP-51 High protection portable design, sturdy and durable, can be used in laboratory, more suitable for field mobile use.
  • built-in large capacity lithium battery, can work for more than 4 hours. 18650 rechargeable battery.
  • 5.6 inch highlight color display, 640*480 resolution, waveform display clearly.
  • HSA2000 Series spectrum analyzer has the lowest DANL and SSB phase noise, and narrowest RBW. It greatly enhances the recognition ability to the spurious signal and noise signal.
  • Optional FM/AM modulation analysis, including carrier power, modulation rate, AM depth/FM deviation, SINAD and carrier frequency offset.
  • Standard spectrum feature. It can analyze the signal time stability, and find out lacunar signal in communication system accurately.
  • Strong field strength test function, fit for the test work in transmitter, base station and the antenna coverage site. It can show the density of field strength or power. The user could also calibrate gain or loss by using amplitude offset function.
  • HAS2000 Series has least RBW in the same level of analyzers, and can easily confirm, distinguish and measure two similar signals.
  • The 5.7 inch highlight color display can provide accurate, bright and clear trace both inside and outside, no need to move to shading place for work.
  • Short scanning time. It can fast catch the data and help to locate and recognize the irregular transient disturbance signal, and then optimize the testing time and accuracy.
  • Advanced built-in battery management system is adopted. Standard super large capacity-7800mAh lithium battery, and support 6 packs of 18650 battery pack which can keep measurement working in site for over 4 hours.
  • Firm and tight mechanical structure, close rubber sleeve pack, which is fit for harsh site work environment.
  • Integration USB Host & Device, support USB flash disk memory, optional WIFI/LAN, which is convenient for networking and long-range control.
  • Its PC software can achieve the management and storage of testing data.

HSA2000 Series measurement application:

  1. Aerospace and Defense: Radio and Radar, interferometric analysis, site repairment.
  2. Wireless service provider: interferometric analysis, site repairmen.
  3. TV & Radio: interferometric analysis, check of channel power.
  4. Spectrum management agency: spectrum monitor.






Frequency Range

9KHz~1.6GHz AC Coupled

9KHz~1.6GHz AC Coupled 5M~1.6GHz TG

Frequency Resolution


Reference Frequency


Frequency Readout Accuracy

±(frequency indication*frequency reference uncertainty+1%*span+20%RBW+marker resolution+1Hz)

Internal 10MHz Reference


Aging rate

±1ppm/year 0 ~50 Reference is 25

Temperature stability


Marker Resolution

(Frequency span)/(number of sweep points-1)

Resolution Bandwidth RBW

-3dB Bandwidth

10Hz to 1MHz 1-3-10 sequence


±5% RBW=10Hz~1MHz nominal

Resolution Filter Shape Factor

5:1 nominal

Video Bandwidth VBW

-3dB bandwidth

1Hz to 1MHz 1-3-10 sequence


±10% VBM=1Hz~1MHz nominal

Displayed Average Noise Level (normalized to1Hz)


Preamp off

-108dBm typical -127dBm

1MHz ~10MHz

-128dBm typical -146dBm

10MHz ~500MHz

-142dBm typical -146dBm

500MHz ~2.5GHz

-141dBm typical -145dBm

2.5GHz ~3GHz

-140dBm typical -144dBm


Preamp on

-131dBm typical -150dBm

1MHz ~10MHz

-148dBm typical -163dBm

10MHz ~500MHz

-161dBm typical -164dBm

500MHz ~2.5GHz

-159dBm typical -162dBm

2.5GHz ~3GHz

-158dBm typical -161dBm

SSB Phase Noise

Carrier Offset(20 ~

30 ℃, 500MHz

Central Frequency


< -92 dBc/Hz, typical -95 dBc/Hz


< -93 dBc/Hz, typical -96 dBc/Hz


< -95 dBc/Hz, typical -97 dBc/Hz


< -117 dBc/Hz, typical -119 dBc/Hz

Sweep Time


Span >100Hz

2ms to 1000s


600ns to 200s

Sweep Mode

Continuous, single

Trigger Source

Free run; video; external

Trigger slope

Selectable positive or negative edge

Trigger delay

Span =0Hz

±12ms to ±12s nominal

Frequency Counter

Counter Resolution



± (marker frequency × frequency reference uncertainty + counter resolution)

Level Display Range

Log Scale and Units

1 to 10 dB/divisions in 1, 2, 5, 10 dB steps, 10 divisions displayed

Linear Scale and Units

0 to 100% 10 divisions displayed

Scale Unit

dBm dBmV,dBuV,Watts Volts

Sweep (Trace) Points


Number of Markers



Normal, positive peak, dample, negative peak, RMS

Number of Traces


Trace Functions

Clear/write, maximum hold, minimum hold, average, check close

Level Measurement Error

± 1.5dB(excluding input VSWR mismatch)

20~30 ℃, peak detector, preamplifier off, input signal -50dBm to 0dBm

Reference Level

Setting Range

-100dBm to +30dBm, steps of 1dB

Setting Resolution

Log scale


Linear scale

Almost log 2.236μV to 7.07V


Maximum Safety Input Level

Average continuous power


DC input voltage


Measurement Range


Displayed average noise level (DANL) to +10dB


Displayed average noise level (DANL) to +20dB

Input attenuator range

0 to 51dB,1dB steps

Spurious Response

Second Harmonic Distortion SHI

<65dBc 50MHz to 3GHz Mixer level -30dBm attenuator =0dB preamp off 20 ~30


Intermodulation TOI


+8dBm Third-order intermodulation products 2 x -20dBm; frequency separation 100KHz attenuation = 0dB; preamp off 20 ~30



Input Related Spurious

<-75dBc (input mixer = -30dBm)

Inherent Residual Response

<-90dBm typical -98dBm (Input terminated and 0 dB RF attenuation, preamplifier off)


(at Tuned Frequency)

10MHz to 1.6GHz

1.5:1, nominal Attenuator setting 10~20dB

10MHz Reference/External Trigger Input

Reference Iinput Frequency


Reference Input Amplitude


Trigger Voltage

5V TTL level

Connector and Output Impendence

N female ;( 50Ω

Gennral Feature

Interface Language

English Chinese Chinese Traditional

Display Index

5.7 inch 640*480 resolution 64M color LCD display

Temperature Range


-10 to +50 ,( battery 0 to 50


-40 to +70 ,( battery :-20 to 50

Relative Humidity



2.9kg with battery ), 2.6kg without battery


260m X 220m X 75m


Input voltage range

DC: 12-17V, maximum 2.8A input 220VAC±15%

AC frequency range

40Hz to 60Hz

Power consumption

Maximum 32W



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Basic Safety Manual and Startup - English

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